Frequently Asked Questions

Because there is so much confusion around the subject of therapy it might help to clarify certain aspects of it. Here are some of the more common questions.

Do I need Counselling, Psychotherapy or Life Skills coaching?
This depends on what the problem is. Generally though, counselling is short term. It may only take one session to resolve a particular issue. Psychotherapy is usually long term and deals with issues of self esteem and finding your True Self. Life coaching is about helping you deal with areas of your life that you feel are preventing you from winning.

There are so many Counselling schools and colleges that are offering diplomas in this field so what should I look for in a therapist or counsellor?
Firstly it is important that the counsellor/therapist is registered with an official counselling body that has ethical guidelines.

Secondly, one needs to establish how much therapy has the graduating college/university insisted on before the counsellor/therapist could graduate. The reason some colleges insist on this is because they believe that the therapist needs to know themselves before they can truly help another. Also, with the counsellor/therapist it is beneficial if the counsellor had got rid of some of their ‘stuff’ so it doesn’t  get in the way of helping the client.

Can anyone call themselves a counsellor?
Until recently someone could do a weekend course run by anyone and call themselves a counsellor or therapist. The Government and professional bodies are now putting an end to this and counsellor training organisations will have to meet certain criteria or close down. This is ultimately about your protection.

There is something deeply shaming about seeing someone to help me. Why is this?
This is common. We are led to believe that we need to sort out our own problems and that we are weak if we can’t. The reality is that we all need support.  

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