About Lifespan Integration

Whatever you are feeling now - dejected, miserable, lonely, anxious etc, there is likely to be a forgotten, underlying reason for this.

Lifespan Integration is a revolutionary technique which promotes rapid healing in adults. It brings the underlying causes of your negative feelings to the surface where they can be dealt with and erased.

These painful experiences may have occurred at any time in your life - when you were at school, when you were bullied, or any time you were made to feel unwelcome or unloved. 

Many of these negative feelings come from how your parents treated you. Although parenting comes naturally, it doesn’t necessarily come correctly.

Your parents, even though they loved you, may have inadvertently treated you in a way that made you feel insecure or unhappy. You may have forgotten these events, but the unwanted feelings you experienced remain and show themselves in your present life, even though they originated from those past events.

Lifespan integration allows you to bring these events rapidly and safely to the surface so they can be dealt with and their stranglehold over your life can be released.

I find this technique unique and use it when appropriate with amazing results.

Sessions for Lifespan Integration can last up to two hours in the beginning so clients need to allow for this. Depending on the individual it may be necessary to do more than one session a week in the beginning.